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DELHI KRAV MAGA offers the following courses

Yearly training program

Instructor courses
Personal training
Self Defense seminars
Special workshop seminars for women
Courses for security units in all levels
Building fighting units from the single warrior to a team

You may be your first and last line of defense in an increasingly violent world. You must be prepared to whatever it takes to survive. Most important, there are no rules on the street. Below mentioned are few aspects we help one out to master.

Simultaneous Defense and Attack
Combine the defense and offense into one complete strategy.
Continuous Combat Motion.
Move fast, continuously, seamlessly and determinedly to overwhelm the attacker giving him no time to react.
Decisive Action.
Be both decisive and quick in responding to a violent encounter. Do whatever is necessary to overcome a dangerous threat
Focus on Vulnerable Soft Tissue
Counter-attack the vulnerable areas of the opponent’s body including the groin, eyes, and throat.
A Building Block Learning Process.
Learn one elemental technique at a time and then build on it over time.
Subduing Techniques.
If possible, use subduing techniques to de-escalate a situation quickly.
Understanding Human Body
The body can withstand a high amount of physical punishment. Adrenaline is a powerful energizer and allows the body to momentarily insulate itself against pain. The body’s resilience works for both victim and assailant. To stop an assailant, target the body’s vulnerable and vital areas
Visualization and Scenario Planning.
Use your mind to train your body to automatically and instinctively react to danger. Visualization and scenario planning boosts confidence, reduces fear, improves fighting technique, and helps cope with unanticipated hostile situations because it is envisioned beforehand.
Reacting To an Attack
A surprise attack will force one to react from an unprepared state. Therefore, the self-defense reaction must be instinctive and reflexive. Krav maga training prepares one for just that. The subconscious mind turns instinctive trained responses into immediate action.
The Mind Game
In a physical confrontation, one likely experience a combined surge of stress, fear, and excitement. Mental and physical conditioning will allow one to harness One’s adrenaline and channel it into action. Mental confidence and toughness provides a decisive advantage in a violent encounter. Only proper training can trigger both one’s mental and physical skills to spring into Instinctive action.
Making the Training as Real as Possible
Training helps to overcome the fight paralysis that can easily set in. One will learn how to alleviate fear, panic and other sensations. One will learn effective physical techniques while mentally adjusting to a harsh violent reality.

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