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Delhi Krav Maga is a practical and tactical system which teaches how to prevent, deal and overcome all kinds of violence and attacks. Delhi Krav Maga prepares the trainees in the subjects of self-defense,self protection, fighting and combat skills, as well as skills to defend others, all in unique and comprehensive teachings and way

Delhi Krav Maga key objectives are:

1. Provide quality instruction in a safe environment.
2. Developing the mental and physical tools for improving personal safety and security.
3. Promotion of good health and vitality.
4. Development of positive self-esteem and self-confidence.
5. Development of a person as a positive role model in the community.
6. Creating expertise in confrontation management.
7. Pro-active crime prevention through increased awareness and positive attitudes.
8. Developing healthy community attitudes and values.
Our competency
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Professional Trainers – One great reason that you may want to train in Krav Maga is that you are sure to get instruction by a high quality professional. Instructors that teach this type of self defense are not people just involved in it as a hobby or have just done a certificate course in a month or two. We are professionals & do this on a regular basis and are well trained in the art of Krav Maga.

Real Life Experience – When it comes to training in Krav Maga, you are going to get training that has evolved from real life experiences.  This training was also given to Israeli soldiers and is still used today by them as well as elite forces such as the FBI, CIA, homeland security, and more, so you can be sure that this training has real life experience behind it.

Tried and Tested Techniques– Not only has Krav Maga been developed out of real life experiences, but it has been tried and tested by many in the past as well. When you are trained in Krav Maga, the techniques that you will learn will only be ones that have been tried and tested in the past and developed by the Trainers.

How to React Under Pressure – Students that take Krav Maga are trained to react under pressure. When you come into threatening and violent situations in life there will be a huge amount of pressure; in fact, you may be fighting for your life. Krav Maga is taught in such a way that teaches you to react under pressure. Students learn to react with distractions and in extreme conditions as well.

More than Just a Sport – It is important that you understand that Krav Maga is more than just a sport. This type of hand to hand combat doesn’t focus on competing in tournaments or even on winning awards or medals for your performance. Krav Maga focuses on teaching people how to react efficiently in real life conditions that can happen. You are taught to defend yourself in situations that are potentially lethal, so this is far more than just a fun sport.

Lifesaving Techniques – While there are other styles of martial arts out there that you could learn, if you choose Krav Maga, you’ll have exposure to techniques from various styles of martial arts. You’ll find techniques from other martial arts, including wrestling, boxing, judo, jujutsu, and even karate. So, you can benefit from a variety of different martial art techniques when training in Krav Maga.

Adaptive, creative, practical – Krav Maga is a modern and innovative style of self-defense that is continually refined and developed in response to practical experience gained both in the street and in actual combat situations. Practitioners of the style constantly search for new methods to improve the style's effectiveness. Because the style is without rules, individual creativity is always encouraged.

Developed for use in the street – When defending against an attack in the street, a practitioner is aware that the variables are never fixed. A practitioner may be faced with multiple attackers or an opponent with a weapon, or both. For this reason, Krav Maga emphasizes training without rules, allowing an individual to use whatever technique is best suited to the situation to defend him or herself. This includes the use of found objects as weapons, and an emphasis on targeting vulnerable points - such as the back of the neck, temples, eyes, throat, knees, and groin - of an opponent's body.

A simple approach to learning – All of the Krav Maga defenses are based upon actual human reflexes-the body's natural responses. Through constant practice and repetition, effective defenses against the many possible forms of attack become automatic-almost second nature. This ensures that an actual confrontation in the street will be familiar to a practitioner and that Krav Maga techniques will be automatically utilized. As a practical fighting system, Krav Maga includes a wide range of defense options rarely found in other styles.

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